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  The Cincinnati City Mess

With only next “248” more days until Cincinnati City Clown-cil’s Elections on November 8, City Mangler Dough Boy Honey (who looks remarkably like Fat Albert) and his overpaid minions, including the fire department's public information officer, aren't telling the public about the effects of Dough Boy's budgetary "brownouts," which have closed many Cincinnati fire houses.


On Monday, Ryan Phillips, hearing a woman screaming early in the morning on Witler Street in Northside, came running, saw the house was on fire and managed to go in and save a toddler boy from burning with the house.  Later, Cincinnati fire fighters rescued the family's father from the roof of the burning house. 


What wasn't mentioned by the City is that the Northside fire house just three blocks from the Witler Street fire, had been closed by Dough Boy Honey as a city brownout cost-cutting measure, and their engine truck was ordered out of service. Luckily, a ladder truck responded and saved the father, but ladder trucks don't carry water. The fire fighters on the scene had to wait for the next closest Engine company all the way in Camp Washington to respond before any water was available to fight the fire. How could this happen?


Well, last week, there were six fire companies closed down, "browned out." People drive by their neighborhood fire house and think everything's OK because they see fire trucks inside. Not so. Fire fighters are prohibited from taking out certain fire trucks when an alarm call goes out.  By summer, ten companies each day may be closed in what Dough Boy likes to call "brown outs."


Dough Boy Honey, who allows frivolous spending on lots of other city items, (including paying his airhead female relative with no experience $143,000 a year) will be responsible when someone in Cincinnati dies because of Dough Boy's fire house closing shame.  This is a travesty.

    The Cincinnati City Mess

          One day after we reported about "brownouts" imposed on the Cincinnati fire department by City Mangler Dough Boy Honey, saying there would be fire deaths as a result, there was a fire Friday morning on Roxbury Street in Mt. Washington where Darlene Harlow, 52, died in the fire.


Following the fire, fire department public information officer, Michael Washington, doesn't know the name of the victim nor does he know the exact address of the fire.  He didn't even visit the fire scene.  Why not?  And this guy somehow got a promotion to captain.  Washington was one of the favored friends of the former cheating chief Robert Wright.  Captain Michael Washington doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.




          There was a big water main break near Spring Grove Avenue on Thursday, putting much of the area under water, like many of the house mortgages in the city. And did you see Cincinnati’s Girly Man Mayor on the news Friday riding with city sanitation workers to promote his appearance on that reality TV show? We call that type-casting. And City Clown-cil man Jeff Balding is taking his good sweet time resigning from Cincinnati City Clown-cil. If there’s an NFL lockout, he might not have to leave after all, since Mike Brown won’t have any Bungals tickets for him to try to sell, and far be it from Mike Brown to furlough staff to save money. But what about Balding’s replacement? Today there only “247” more days until Clown-cil’s elections on November 8.

And Now the Cincinnati Fire Department
          Here's an easy one for the new fire chief to act on to show he's against corruption. Pateeser Jackson, 50, a female fire fighter, wanted to earn extra money to supplement her city salary.  So while on-duty, she began selling city-owned detergent out the back door of her fire house, Engine Nine, located in Bond Hill at 4379 Reading Road.  Bond Hill residents could be observed at all times of the day beating a path to the fire house for the cut rate suds.
Our crack City purchasing officials noticed orders for detergent at Engine Nine were skyrocketing, which they thought was highly suspicious, because the fire house's washing machine had been out of order for months.
Everyone at the location was aware of Pateeser's wholesale backdoor operation and she was duly reported.  Word came back from fire department brass that nothing was going to be done about her thievery.
            This is the same fire house where Lt. Michael Ferguson was arrested by federal authorities for being part of a marijuana distribution ring, distributing 3,000 pounds of marijuana a month.  It only took the Feds hauling Ferguson out in handcuffs before the CFD suspended him. 
It's also the same fire house where fire fighter Ryan Norman, 31, was assigned.  Ryan liked to earn extra money, too.  He was arrested in New Mexico on his day off transporting 203 pound of marijuana.
And the sleazy Pateeser Jackson?  Why, she's still working at Engine Nine.                                                                                                                                                                   The  city fathers and the cfd will turn their heads and see nothing. she should be in jail Shy Whistler 

The last line is my opinon, whats yours????????